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Death Days: Holiday Kenneth Guthrie

Death Days: Holiday

Kenneth Guthrie

Published August 11th 2011
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Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The man is back and this time he’s in Hawaii. A rest from his tired kill and kill some more lifestyle is needed, but is this really a rest? A noisy bunch of neighbors will test his limits and he will be hard-pressed to stay his hand. Another crazy kill fest from the killer with no name.Sample Content:Sure, he didnt understand Chinese, but he understood the language of just being plain old annoying. They stayed up late at night chattering away like little beavers all night and then they woke up early to come outside and play games when civilized people would be sleeping. The banker hadnt had a good proper night sleep for two days now. That was more than enough reason to bury them all.He wished the clerk would have let him move his tent. He had asked, but she had said that the camping ground was full and that they didnt have any openings at any of their other connected sites. He wondered if he should kill her too.Ah, it is a difficult life. When am I just going to be able to relax and enjoy killing some beautiful young girl? It had been weeks with killing that man at the bar over that bad business deal, that other matter, which really didn’t count, and being busy with work. He hadn’t carved young flesh into small pieces for far too long.He stood up and went to his tent. He would need to prepare.Note: If you liked this sample then it may be better to buy its collection or the double attached to it. You can find them on this e-vendors site by searching Kenneth Guthrie and the appropriate series name or title plus “collection”.